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Welcome to Generic Online Pharmacy

There is always a question where to buy your medications. And the answer is always here and it is quite clear – why pay more to the stores for all these expensive prescription drugs if there is more affordable option?

There has been a lot of talk recently on the account of generic drugs and their use and effectiveness in comparison with brand medications. There have also been great number of questions about the prices and affordability of these drugs.

The truth is very simple, however. Generic medications do not really differ from their brand one counterparts in anything apart from price. They have got the same main ingredient, the same dosage and their indication is always the same.

In accordance with the requirements of FDA all generic drugs should be completely identical to their brand-name counterparts and meet the following guidelines:

  • Generics should have the same indication as a brand-name drug;
  • They should contain the same active ingredient;
  • They should also have the same dosage, color, form, administration route and effects as a brand-name drug;
  • They should produce no effect that is different from a brand-name medication.
The only distinguishing feature is price. And here it is how it’s formed. Brand medications are first invented, developed and then tested. It is a long complicated process full of problems and complications; and it is also a very expensive in terms of various expenses. Thus, manufacturing companies and developers spend lots of money and they need to get it back. That is why the final cost of any given branded medication is so high.

However, everything is different with generic drugs. Their manufacturers do not actually spend that much money in the process as they do not have the phases of invention and testing. They take the formula that has already been tested and proved right and effective. The only thing they have to bother is the required amount of ingredients that should be preserved in this or that drug as well as other obvious issues. Thus, they do not spend so much money investing into the process of medication creation and they can sell it at cheaper prices for that matter.

One more question that many people tend to ask is whether online pharmacies are reliable or not. in fact, they are frequently more reliable than drugs stores around the corner; let along the fact that they are much cheaper as well. All respectable online pharmacies have got license and ask for prescription from their customers for those drugs that actually cannot be bought without a prescription. Respectable online pharmacies also use safely encrypted connections in order to make sure the information of their customers is protected properly.

There is some slight difference in the appearance of generics and it is depicted in the absence of a brand name on a pill, for instance. It is also very possible that excipients can be different as long as they do not actually produce any active and essential effect. However, people who are aware of some of their intolerance reactions are recommended to check the entire content of ingredients list in order to make sure that a generic won’t cause allergic reaction.

One of the reasons a lot of people tend to apply for online pharmacies is that they actually do not have to go to a land-based store and waste their time in lines. There is also one more reason why many people prefer such solution – it is anonymous and you do not have to tell anyone that you actually need any drugs or actually have any health issues, no matter how small they are or insignificant to others.

With the assistance from a generic online pharmacy it is possible to purchase a great number of various medications, both prescription and non-prescription ones. Online pharmacy is especially helpful for those who need to buy such meds as Viagra, Levitra or Cilais without all the unnecessary attention from the store visitors. Our pharmacy offers a broad choice of high quality medications at very affordable prices. You will like both the service and the convenience of such solution!

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