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Generic Viagra
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Generic Cialis
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Generic Levitra
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Generic Viagra
The best and most popular ER medicaiton, its effect is fantastic and it helps to achieve long-lasting erection and have amazing sex life.

Generic Cialis
Cialis' active component is Tadalafil, which acts as PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor. Cialis is considered to have milder side effects compared with Viagra or Levitra, which go away within just few hours.

Generic Levitra
Levitra (Vardenafil HCl) is the analogous medication to Viagra and Cialis. It does not cure the ED condition; however, it helps men with achieving erection provided that there is arousal. Many men prefer it for its strength and great effect.

The popularity of generic drugs is a well-known fact and there is a good reason why so many online pharmacies offering generic drugs together with brand ones.

New drugs are developed by various pharmaceutical companies. The inventions are then protected by patents; thus companies are able to safeguard their work on the drug as well as their investments. Patents have expiration period and when it is over, other manufacturers are able to apply for FDA approval on selling generic variations of brand-name drugs.

Generics are analogues to their brand-name counterparts as they have the same dosage, strength and quality. They should work in absolutely the same way brand-name drugs do, have the same mode of administration and the same usages as well as look either identical or next to it.

Generic drugs have got the same active ingredients as brand-name drugs; however, they can have slight variations in the excipients (which are inactive ingredients). Such variations can play a role in rare cases of allergic reactions in patients to this or that particular inactive ingredient.

In all the other ways, generic are absolutely the same in appearance, content and they produce the same effect as well as can be fraught with the same risks as brand-name medications.

In accordance with the Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act (as of 1984) original drug developers have got their share of protection as well as generic drug manufacturers get their chance for FDA approval. The latter do not have to proceed with clinical trials and all things involved.

Due to the aforementioned fact, generic drugs come out cheaper that their brand-name analogues. They were not developed and had to undergo no clinical trials - they are produced on the basis of already well-known formulas and use the same ingredients; however, their production is cheaper in terms of costs; and, consequently, it appears to be cheaper for customers as well. They can also be acquired at discounted prices at online pharmacies, both U.S. and Canadian ones; thus, Canadian pharmacies offer yet even lower prices for generic drugs.

Taking into consideration brand-name drugs’ prices, buying their generic variations is a definite way to save money. This is especially true, if a person has got several prescriptions. As a matter of fact, about 48% of Americans have got at least one prescription, 21% of them have 3 and about 11% have 5 prescriptions for the drugs they need on a permanent basis. In this respect, medication bills are pretty high for many customers. Generics that cost up to 70% less are a real way out for many patients.

They work just as well and there should be no difference for a healthcare provider to whether write out a prescription for a brand-name or a generic drug. It is definitely up to each individual case and strictly between the patient and a doctor. However, there should not be any problem for a doctor when it comes to prescribing generics.

Besides, all the states has got their special laws when it comes to the question of generic drug substitution, provided that there is no special indication for the brand-name drug in a doctor's prescription. However, it is always better to consult the therapist on the account of the best and the most effective variation for each particular case.

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